Batman Day 2023 is Saturday September 16th

Join Comic Central for our annual celebration of everything Batman related! Saturday September 16th, 2023 from 11am to 7pm take advantage of a store wide Batman and Batman supporting character related sale! That's right take 20% off on trades, graphic novels, hardcovers, young readers books, back issues, action figures, statues, and Funko Pops that feature the Dark Knight or a supporting character such as Robin, Riddler, Joker, any member of the Justice League, to name just a few. If Batman is in the book or on the cover and it falls in to one of the categories listed then it is 20% off.
(CGC, New Comics, and items on hold are excluded from the promotion). 
There will be special Free Batman Day comics! No purchase required to pick out 1 Free Batman Day comic from the special Batman Day comic selection!
In addition to the Batman Day Free Comics and a sale on Batman related comics and merchandise. There will be a brand new Batman comic released for sale on Saturday September 16th, 2023.  Batman Gargoyle of Gotham #1 will release on Saturday. Most likely marking the 1st ever new release of a new comic book series on a Saturday! 

Batman Gargoyle of Gotham

Story, art, and cover by Rafael Grampá

Eisner award-winning writer and artist Rafael Grampá delivers a twisted take on The Dark Knight, Gotham City, and a never-before-seen rogues gallery in this highly anticipated DC Black Label series launch! Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham #1 arrives with amazing variant covers by Jim Lee, Frank Miller & Jock, David Finch, Paul Pope, and Priscilla Petraites. Produced in the Black Label Format!

There will be two additional Batman Day Exclusives going up for sale as well on Saturday September 16th, 2023. Included are Batman #608 Jim Lee Foil edition, and Batman 89 Hardcover with a Batman logo dust jacket. Both can be pre-ordered online for shipment or in store pick-up on or after September 16th, 2023.