Reading Material Stamp Card: For new reading material purchases made within our brick and mortar retail store you will earn 1 stamp for every $8 in new reading material purchased before sales tax. Every 10 stamps will be redeemable for $8 off the total purchase price of most items in the store. These are stackable, for instance if you have 30 stamps you have $24 in store credit. The day you redeem your stamps for store credit you are not eligible to earn additional stamps on your purchases. Stamps do not have to be all on the same card to be redeemed, any grouping of 10 new reading material stamps is redeemable. Excluded items are golden, silver, bronze, and modern key back issues/variant covers priced over $10, CGC graded comics, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and other CCG/TCG products, and exclusive/chase Funko Pops.

New reading material stamps are not earned, and can not be redeemed for items purchased online through our website, conventions, or eBay stores.

A new reading material purchase is defined as a new comic book (unbagged and boarded), graphic novel, trade paperback. Back issues (comics placed in bags and boards and marked up or down from their original cover price), CGC Graded comics and RPG Gaming books are not eligible for stamps.

Funko Stamp Card: For every Funko Pop that is new in a box that you purchase in our brick and mortar retail store you will get 1 stamp. Once you get a total of 10 stamps on one or multiple cards, you may redeem the 10 stamps for $10.99 off the purchase price of any $10.99 COMMON Funko Pop that is on the sales floor. Pops that are on display behind the counter are not eligible for redemption. Essentially buying 10 Funko Pops and getting an 11th common Funko Pop for free. A common Funko Pop is one that does not feature an exclusivity, or limited edition sticker. In lieu of using the $10.99 reward for a single common Funko Pop, you may opt to use a single $10.99 reward to take $10.99 off the purchase price of a common Pop Ride, Pop Deluxe, Pop Town, Multi Pack Pop Figure, 6 inch Pop Figure, 10 inch Pop Figure, etc.

You will not receive a Funko Stamp for the item you received for free, or if you opted to take $10.99 off, you will not receive a stamp on the discounted item.

Funko Stamp Card stamps are not earned, and can not be redeemed for items purchased online through our website, conventions, or eBay stores.

Stamp Cards General:

During sales and special events we reserve the right to refuse, reject, and not accept stamp cards towards the sale price of the item, or issue new stamps on top of the sale price of the item.

All stamps being issues are at the sole discretion of Comic Central Inc and it's employees. By participating in this program customers agree to hold Comic Central Inc harmless. Stamp cards have no cash redemption value, and can not be exchanged, bartered, transferred or traded for cash.

Comic Central Inc is not responsible for lost, damaged, forgotten, stolen, misplaced, maimed, water logged stamp cards. It is the customers responsibility to hold on to said cards. It is a customers responsibility to insure they received stamps for their purchase during their visit. A receipt or proof of purchase is ineligible to request missed stamps. No digital or documented record is kept of stamps that may have been earned, owed, or due to the customer.

We reserve the right to limit, restrict, change, alter, suspend either the New Reading Material Stamp Card program, or the Funko Stamp Card program at any time, without restriction or notice.