A pre-order(s) placed with Comic Central Inc cannot be canceled, refunded, transferred, changed, or adjusted. All pre-orders are final. The only time a pre-order can be canceled is if the manufacturer cancels the product. Manufacturing, production, and transportation delays do not validate the cancelation of products.

Pre-orders are taken on a 1st come, 1st serve basis, we reserve or limit the amount of pre-orders we take based on how much product we anticipate receiving. Unless a manufacturer shorts us, the product comes damaged in transit from the manufacturer, or other acts of god; be it weather related, civil unrest, or pandemic we will make every effort possible to fulfill your pre-order in the time frame detailed on an individual items listing page.

Once a pre-ordered item arrives in our warehouse, we will ship (or notify you that the item is ready for pick-up) within 48-72 hours, not including weekends or holidays. We will keep you up to date by adjusting the status of your pre-order on our website to shipped or ready for pick-up and providing a tracking number if we do ship it. If the order includes Funko Pops and all items have not arrived, the status will remain “open” and we may reach out to you via phone, text, or email to confirm some items have arrived.


If picking up in store (physical contact) then once you receive your notice that your item is ready for pick-up you may visit our retail store at 1425 WP Ball Blvd, Sanford FL 32771 during open business hours and pick-up and pay any balances due (if applicable) in person and receive your rewards (if applicable, see rewards page for details).

If picking up under special conditions (such as curbside) then we will make prior arrangements with you to pay any balances due (if applicable) and set an appointment (day/time frame) for you to come to the store and pick up the items via special conditions during our normal business hours.

If we are shipping the items to you, we will adjust the items to “shipped” and upload a tracking number once all items on the order have arrived in our warehouse and are ready to ship.


All Funko Pop Pre-Orders require payment in full at the time of pre-order. If only a deposit was required then the remaining balance due upon pick-up or preparation for shipping (shipping charges are additional).


All COMIC BOOK pre-orders are paid in full at the time of order. At the time of order, you opted if you want to pick the items up or have them shipped. Items will be shipped once all the items on the order become available. Pick-up customers will be able to be pick up the items as they arrive, since they are paid in full. Store sub box customers: A team member will place the pre-order, pre-paid comics in your hold file as items arrive, and we will mark them off the master order. Store comic sub box customers please see note below.

STORE COMIC SUB BOX CUSTOMERS please do not order items that may already be on your subscription. This will duplicate the items that we reserve for you. If you see an item that is on pre-order and you think you would like it, please contact the store directly so that we can reserve that item for you without pre-purchase. This option is only available to existing comic book subscription customers who have had a sub box open for a minimum of 90 days and have shown good faith that they are clearing their sub box at a minimum of every 30 days. If this criteria does not apply to you and you see something that you want, then you may be required to purchase that item so that it can be held for you.


We use a weight-based estimate and ship most orders via US Mail. Shipping varies and can add up quick as orders of multiple items usually exceed minimum weight charges and have to ship Priority Mail. If you have question on shipping charges, please contact us at and we will give you a shipping estimate.


You were only collecting a deposit on the items I ordered what do I do if a BALANCE IS DUE? If for some reason we were only collecting a deposit and there are any balances due we will notify you of any balances due and create an invoice requesting payment, plus shipping charges (shipping charges are to be determined and may not have been included in the pre-order price, unless they were charged to you during checkout) for the items that have arrived from your pre-orders. Once you pay the invoice, we will ship the items that have arrived from your pre-orders and you will receive a tracking number.